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Fresh FTP 5.52
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Fresh FTP 5.52

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Publisher's Description:

Fresh FTP - Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. It supports ability to resume broken uploads, file and directory upload, easy to use and much more. Unlike any other similar utilities, this software is 100 percents freeware, no charge, no banners, no spyware.

List of Changes:

Version 4.80 from 2008-04-23


Free FTP software for web site owner

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File Size: 2.3 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Robmckeon 2009-08-30 09:31:06 #
Version: 5.18

Easy download. Easy installation. Easy set-up. Great utility.

Allenb 2009-04-16 13:59:54 #
Version: 5.14

Pretty good software.
Pretty thorough. Fairly intuitive.
I'll give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Vidacak 2008-08-26 06:28:50 #
Version: 4.80

Leach FTP

I've used Leach FTP for years. It is by far the best FTP client I've used, to date. The program is very stable and I've never had a program failure.

Jun 2008-08-06 18:16:10 #
Version: 4.80


Excellent product. Although I have not used it for very long yet, it impressed me as soon as I used it. Before using Fresh FTP, I had been using SmartFTP and when it went commercial, I tried FileZilla but I had problems with it and wanted to find another FTP program. The only thing I didn't like about it was it was not auto sign in and I had to manually type in my info every time I opened Fresh FTP. I resolved it however with the Site Manager function. All in all, I definitely recommend.

Calvinlemon 2008-08-03 22:39:30 #
Version: 4.80

My experience with Fresh FTP

I want to thank you for providing your program to the people. This program helped me out dearly in making it easy to transfer files quickly and without much effort on my part. I will tell my friends and collegues about this product and how user friendly it is. Thank you so much.

Seti_neo 2008-07-04 12:53:43 #
Version: 4.80

Good speed.Nice. Smooth. But.

Its nice. Smooth. But there is something lacking I don't know wat. But there is something bugging you (always) when you are use it. Again don't know what. But there is something annoying. I have to sit thro' the file transfer, which I never did with FIlezilla (like the program needs guidance). There is something lackin to bring it in the "a" grade category (Filezilla, Commander for me). And yeah one really big annoyin thing. And I think cos of it I might opt for something else. Is the program sometimes get confused with it'self when a new folder is created in the local directory. It's really annoyin. Hopefully I might sort it out. In a couple of days. Or well I might get some help from you guys. Anyway. Overall it's got potential to be a great software. But for now it is just good. Nothing special.

Maltese.tamslee 2008-07-03 18:32:16 #
Version: 4.80

Fresh ftp

Excellent product does everything I need.

Marcel 2008-06-21 12:55:29 #
Version: 4.80

My expeierence till now

I notice that whenever I use more than one treath at the same time in uploading files to my server that when there is one finished, the second file freezes and stop with uploading. Later it will be reset and upload again, I normal use leach Ftp. Now I try this one, and it looks good... Thanks for using your program.

Newart_ingenieria 2008-06-18 17:43:44 #
Version: 4.80


Works fine but yesterday I have upload a file sequence and confuse all of them are binay and some upload as a text. Actually on preferences chenge to binary not autmatic I need to verify again.
The graphic interface is very frienly.

zedb 2008-03-12 06:01:53 #
Version: 4.80

Worked for what I needed

Pretty simple ftp'ing with the standard sort of interface.
It worked fine for me, although I didn't try anything more than simple uploading and downloading of files.

bouncebase 2008-03-08 05:36:20 #
Version: 4.80

Make a simple mode

It took me a little bit to figure things out. All I want to do is to treat it like an external hardrive...there were more features than what I needed. Price was good...but maybe a "simple mode" might help.

dmh 2008-02-17 09:33:29 #
Version: 4.80

Batch upand downloads

Perfect for my situation where I am constantly on the move between offices and hotels

kjetilV 2008-01-16 00:58:15 #
Version: 4.80

Get started in a seconds.......

Although I don't use FTP transfer programs daily, I know what to expect from such a program. In my task to transfer a huge amount of picture files I needed an updated client (Vista-capable) to assist me. FreshFTP did the work brilliantly!

Didier 2008-01-13 07:04:16 #
Version: 4.80

Simply could not get it to work

I was looking for a program that would allow me to synchronize local and remote directories over an FTP link. This program was advertised as being able to do that.

The program simply does not work and should not have been released.

I was able to transfer individual files like I do with Filezilla, but I was not able to use the sync function. In the directory compare mode, it only looks at one level anyhow (not recursively) so it is very limited in usefulness, but I could not even use the directory compare display/menu to actually create/update the directories that were shown as different. When I selected a directory and clicked "Add to Queue", the form would simply close. The directory would not be queued.

There are typos in the menus.

It seems like you have to disconnect before closing the program, else the program won't close, I have to terminate it from Task manager.

I use WinXP Pro SP2

hedleygb 2007-12-30 07:28:58 #
Version: 4.80

not for me

Finding it very difficult to make this program work. Even when it manages to contact the remote site and provide a directory, it is very fiddly to drag and drop items from the hard drive to the remote directory without either highlighting the files around them or putting them in the wrong file at the other end. Even when this is done, the transfer fails twice out of three times. Even when the transfer claims to have succeeded, the new file does not show up in the remote directory.

Unfortunately, the program is very good at deleting files in the remote directory, so I ended up without my homepage for the time it took me to up[load files in a different program.

Chris F 2007-12-24 05:19:57 #
Version: 4.80

Good FTP engine

I had to make a major upload (+10Gb) and had problems with using IE and simpler routes. Found FTPFresh to be a good tool. Interfacen is easy to use and despite this load taking over 1 day (I only had 750kps up) the line was maintained where as my attemtps via IE kept failing. Its ability to upload about 3 files at once is also very useful.

My only two comments are
1) The "red" transfer button is a bit dangerous as this deletes the file after transfer. Would have liked a clearer warning of this ! As its red its tempting to choose this one !
2) Would have liked to have seen line speed and transfer statistics during the load rather than just % loaded.

Have already recommended this to a friend.

Diederik 2007-12-09 06:44:24 #
Version: 4.80

Great software! Reliable / Complete

This software does it's job properly! Thousand times more reliable than filezilla (not to say incomparable). I am very happy to have found the software, and now I was able to make a complete backup without any missing files from an FTP server.

Also uploading was great! Everything was complete. no truncated or missing files/ directories at the end.

It ould be good still if their can be a kind of compare/synchronize function that compares that the files on the server are same as ones stored locally. (just to be sure)

Apart from that, the GUI freezes some times but the most important is to get the job done. So Congratulations! Very good programming work here!!!

Many regards,


MJH 2007-11-12 02:42:55 #
Version: 4.80

Fresh FTP 3.70

A very flexible FTP online file management tool with good connection speed, easy file upload/download and online file edit. Definitely recommend.

a3 2007-10-24 01:19:15 #
Version: 4.80

Looks ok but it!

The looks are ok but I can not see the files on the ftp server whlie I`m logged in and there seems no way of changing this.

sheberlein 2007-09-22 10:45:14 #
Version: 4.80

Great for personal or business.

A very good and simple to use ftp client.

DianaKennedy 2007-08-10 09:02:16 #
Version: 4.80

Not bad

But takes some times to get used to it

airborne6 2007-06-21 19:56:28 #
Version: 4.80

Excellent Program

Very easy to understand and use.

boy-booger 2007-04-13 05:08:09 #
Version: 4.80

Can`t say that i have actually tried it much

i used it for a simple file transfer and it worked great. haven't tried anything more complicated though so i can't really comment.

cardshark 2007-01-28 23:37:36 #
Version: 4.80


excellent software. Glad I found it.

argon 2007-01-15 06:45:54 #
Version: 4.80

Fresh ftp

The transference resulted fastest that with the client I had before. It becomes somewhat more slow with larger files. I had some problem for installing the connection -maybe too much technical questions?

Squirrel 2006-11-12 21:44:16 #
Version: 4.80

Better than FileZilla

I tried in vain to resume uploads with FileZilla. No problem for Fresh FTP. FileZilla does - as far as I got it - not allow to make server groups. Fresh FTP does.
It has an easy to understand interface.

Download Now
File Size: 2.3 Mb